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Chasing one’s dreams is normal, but doing the same in high pointed heels, now that’s where you’ll need us. The Fine Lady Finishing School helps you redefine yourself. We upskill the lady in YOU, to make each day of your living more charismatic.



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Poise and Grace

It doesn’t take much to say a NO, but the art of doing it gracefully takes a lot. The course on social mannerism and etiquettes “Poise and Grace” offers dynamic courses like –

  • Dine away in style and confidence – Confused with the knives, forks and spoons spread across the table? Fret not! We tutor you for everything that should go right at a formal dinner.
  • The art of répondez, s'ilvous plait(RSVP) – it’s not as complicated as it sounds. We cater to the polite ways of accepting/rejecting/extending an invite.

Poise and Grace has a lot more to offer that’ll help you be the heroine you want to be!


What you say will matter, only when it’s said the RIGHT way! We hone your skills to perfection –

  • We will help you walk out of tongue-tied situations with ease, by training you with effective verbal and non-verbal communication classes
  • Don an attitude which is welcomed by all with our extensive training on behavioral skills

Break-the-ice also trains you for effective time-management giving you enough time to live your passion.

The Ki’s and Ka’s

The untold stories of every homemaker need some attention here! We offer an exclusive course on running your home efficiently –

  • Need to switch between the’ Grihasti” to a self-sufficient modern homemaker? Sign up with us and we’ll give you the tricks and trades of the deal.


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